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My Story


Raised in Anson, Texas. Caleb Young is a product of small town pride and tradition. This blue collar part of the world instilled a sense of humbleness, grit and authenticity that can undoubtedly be seen and heard through the lens of his music.  


For as long as he can remember music has run through his veins. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that he began to feel confident enough to share his music with the world, and take his talents center stage. He attributes this start to a close friend whose songwriting, guitar playing, and production knowledge helped transform Young into the confident professional that he is today. 


Enamored by the rugged tones of Southern Rock, but always with Country music close to his heart, Caleb merges beautiful simplicities, with unmistakable, raw energy. He effortlessly swings from romantic ballads to rebellious riffs, illuminating his personal stories in the process.


Through his lyricism and instrumentation, the sole goal has always been for his music to resonate with others. "If I had one word to describe my "why" when it comes to a song, it would be relatability. There are moments in life that become a time stamp on your story. And my aim, no matter the emotion, is to be that narration for my listener.", Young explains.

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